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In an industry that is dominated by men, it’s important that women come together to empower and support one another. Thus became FFI, the Female Filmmaker's Initiative at Kent State University. The organization first formed in the Fall of 2019, driven by the lack of women representation in Kent State’s Digital Media Production Program. With the help of an award-winning filmmaker and Kent State professor, Dana White, FFI took its first steps at building a strong community of passionate female artists. 


Through FFI, female students are able to explore their artistic skills by having the opportunity to create their own short films and projects. This will provide hands-on experience and cultivate relationships that serve to be beneficial in the professional space. 


The Female Filmmaker’s Initiative gives women a voice.


Our stories matter. 


The Female Filmmaker's Initiative strives to build a supportive community of strong female filmmakers.

Our Mission


Genna DiPippo

Genna DiPippo is a senior DMP major. She is a big supporter of the female movement and loves seeing female representation in the film industry. She is a videographer for IdeaBase studios where she does a lot of client based work and also has her own small videography business “Photovid By Genna”. She is extremely excited to be working with an amazing group of women to create something beautiful!

Olivia VanSickle


Olivia VanSickle is a Sophomore Digital Media Production student. She has always loved stories of all kinds, including movies, books, television shows, animation, and even video games. She also loves being able to tell these stories through writing and acting, participating in her high school’s drama club and theatre seminar during high school. Her favorite movies include The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, and Logan Lucky. Olivia hopes to one day share her stories with the world by pursuing a career in writing.

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