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Pearl Yim

Pearl Yim is a UK-based award-winning composer, conductor, orchestrator and arranger specialising in film, animation and games. She graduated from Seattle Film Institute, USA in 2019, having studied under two-time Emmy Award composer Hummie Mann (Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Robin Hood: Man In Tights, Language of the Heart, Year of the Comet), obtaining a Master’s of Music degree in Film Composition. She also holds an Honours Bachelor Degree in Music from University of York, UK, and her works have spanned across USA, Canada, UK, France and Singapore so far. 


She is honored to be a part of the Female Filmmakers Initiative launch in promoting women's voices through storytelling and filmmaking, and she also hopes to see more aspiring female filmmakers coming forward to make great and original stories with the support of FFI and its content platform.

You can read more about Pearl and her time spent with FFI on our Q&A blog.


Makenna Bach

Makenna Bach is a composer for film, games and podcasts. Based in the Pacific Northwest, she is the composer behind the theme music for the podcast “Odd Tonic,” and most recently, she completed the scores for the Portland film "The Prismagic Radio Hour" and the Female Filmmakers Initiative short film "I Am: The Body Positivity Project." Bach holds a Master’s degree in film composition from the Seattle Film Institute, and a Bachelor of music in composition from the University of Oregon.

You can read more about Makenna's time spent with FFI on our Q&A blog.

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