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Tierra Tramble

Tierra Latrice is a storyteller based in Cleveland, OH. She graduated from Kent State University with degrees in both Journalism and Digital Media Production in the Fall of 2019.

She currently works as a Marketing Associate for We Can Code IT and volunteers as a Digital Experience Strategist for The Body: A Home For Love.

Since graduation Tierra has gone on to launch her personal blog, and continues to develop her film and screenwriting skills by working on a short film she began in her time at Kent. She hopes to soon share her completed work on her blog’s platform. 

Her passion lives in words. She believes in the power of stories, and their ability to transform and connect. She intends to tell stories that are true to herself, and will continue to use her craft as a way to speak for the voices who are least heard. 


Bobbi Broome

Bobbi Broome graduated from Kent in December 2019. She moved to Los Angeles the same month to pursue a career in film. Since moving, she has worked on film sets and has been accepted into the University of Southern California. She will be pursuing her MFA in Film and TV Production. She intends to pursue cinematography as a career choice. She continues to practice photography and is excited to begin her new life in Los Angeles and at USC.


Stay updated with her work and career endeavors at!


Paige George

Paige George graduated from Kent State University in spring of 2020 with a degree in Digital Media Productions. She is continuing her love of filmmaking by working as 

an independent contractor for a wedding videography company in Akron called Work Shed Weddings. She is right now in the process of getting an LLC to create her own business. 


Jessica Hickson

Jessica Hickson graduated from Kent state University with a degree in Digital Media Productions in spring of 2020. 

She was a fashion student before discovering her true calling to be an editor for film and television. Jessica hopes to create content that will entertain the world and make people laugh.


Juliana Butchko


Ailene Joven

Juliana Butchko graduated from Kent State University in Spring 2021 as a Digital Media Production student. She found her love for storytelling as a young child when she would create short skits for her friends and family to watch. Her favorite films to sit on a couch and eat popcorn to are Donnie Darko and Titanic. She was FFI’s Screenwriter and Managing Director for a year.

Ailene Joven graduated from Kent State University in Spring 2021 as a Digital Media Production student. From a young age, she always strived for ways to be artistic which eventually found its way to the camera her 3rd year of high school. Currently, she freelances as a photographer and videographer when time allows and can always sit down for a good Coen brother film. Ailene is currently working for Harmonize Records.


Shelby Rabideaux

Shelby Radideaux graduated from Kent State University in Spring 2021 as a Digital Media Production student. She found her love for storytelling when she traveled the world during her study abroad in Florence, Italy. Shelby was formerly a Fashion Merchandising major but realized that she wants to tell stories. She realized during her time abroad that there are millions of stories to tell and would love to write characters people can fall in love with. You can find Shelby watching Romcoms, Thrillers, or her head in a book. Shelby continues to fulfill her dreams to bring to life some of her favorite characters and create new ones while working at a news station.

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Hayden Gresham

Hayden Gresham graduated from Kent State University in Spring 2021 as a Digital Media Production student with a passion for editing. She really dove into filmmaking senior year of high school in her video productions III class. Being a part of that class taught her so much and gave her the push she needed to get a career as an editor one day. She currently films weddings to give brides something they can look back on forever. You can find Hayden usually watching New Girl or How I Met Your Mother on repeat. She sees herself creating to make memories last a lifetime for anyone she can.

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Kayla Pierce

Kayla Pierce graduated from Kent State University in Spring 2021 as a Digital Media Production student. She has loved creating stories and characters since she was a child and been made her first "film" at a young age.

When Kayla came to Kent, she was undecided and had no idea what she wanted to pursue. The

second semester of her freshman year, she was in a class that was built to help students that were

undecided, which brought her to declare her major at the end of that semester. She then found her love for video editing. The largest influence that made her want to be a video editor was a class she took where they created and filmed a short story together but then they each edited and turned in their own projects separately. It was the first time she truly realized the importance of the video editor in the aspects of storytelling and that this was the role she wanted to have in filmmaking.

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Hana LeBrew

Hana LeBrew graduated in Fall 2021 as a Digital Media Production student with a minor in Creative Writing. Since she was in primary school, quoting the entire script of a film was all she would ever do with her friends, even before she knew what a screenplay was. She developed a passion for writing before realizing she wanted to share her stories on the big screen. She enjoys endless discussions of the history of the Star Wars universe. Hana works with Kent’s Teleproduction crew and is thrilled to receive hands-on practice in the studio world. She is currently pursuing a career in screenwriting that she hopes to one day tell her stories to others through film.

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Addy Birkes

Addy Birkes graduated Fall 2021 as a DMP major with a love for cinematography and storytelling through sound. During the summer, she interned at 1895 Films as a production assistant/researcher on their upcoming documentaries. Along with FFI, she also works as a cinematographer for For The Ages, a filmmaker’s organization that aims to bridge the generational gap. Recently, she’s found interest in using her minors in Italian Studies and Creative writing to explore a union between Dante, film, and verse, particularly during times of pandemic.


Maia Bankhead

Maia Bankhead graduated in Fall 2021 as a Digital Media Production student at Kent State with a focus on editing and screenwriting. She got her start in media with a documentary she made for her International Baccalaureate project called “IMPACT: Women in Comics”, which made her realize how intriguing the world of media truly was, both in terms of looking into the history of comics and creating this documentary from scratch. Along with FFI, Maia spends her time editing for the TV2 program All Systems Go!, uploading content to her YouTube channel, or rewatching one of her comfort shows or movies instead of going through her “to watch” list.


Chloe Schrack

Chloe Schrack graduated in Fall 2021 as a Digital Media Production student at Kent State University with a minor in Audio Recording. Her decision to pursue a career in film came from being exposed to live theater and MGM movie-musicals, seeing that there are always new stories to tell and new ways to tell them. She wishes to apply her experience in podcast editing, music recording, and audio production to a career in sound design for film. Her favorite movies include Singin’ in the Rain and La La Land. She is looking forward to what’s coming next after graduation.


Allison Allegretto

Allison Allegretto graduated in Fall 2021 as a digital media production student. She found her passion for storytelling at a young age by creating “movies” and skits with her siblings and cousins. After writing a book for her high school senior project, Allison found her love for writing screenplays and further down the road, a love of cinematography. You can find Allison rewatching The Vampire Diaries, New Girl, or watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, whatever season it may be. Throughout her time at Kent, Allison has grown more passionate about being able to create beautiful stories and share them with the world.

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