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This mini-documentary gives audiences a glimpse into the emotional and physical course that one’s body image plays on a woman. A young woman shares some of those moments of vulnerability and her measures of the celebration of her body. From her reflecting on her earliest moments of consciousness and fears, to embracing the activities she feels closest to her soul, I AM will take you on a journey of self-discovery of what your body means to you.


You can read more about our I AM project on our blog. 

Sincerely, Female Artists

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Whether you're a writer, a dancer, or a musician, art comes from the self. Art inspires us, nurtures us, and brings us a new way of projecting ourselves. Do you convey your experiences through words? Do you express your feelings through music? Or do you portray your emotions with the movements of your body? That's the beauty of artists. Rekindle what your passion is, where it began, where it has taken you, and how it has shaped who you are as a person. Discover how we can support, embody, and build confidence in artists, whether they be a a stranger, a friend, or yourself.

Support Local: Curvy in Cleveland

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A self made businesswoman, Shauntae Meadows strives to create a body positive community. She is the founder of Curvy In Cleveland, an inclusive brand for all genders, lifestyles, and abilities. Shauntae shares her story of how Curvy In Cleveland came to be, from her personal struggles as a child to the growing local business she has created. The movement that is reshaping the standards of beauty and bringing a refreshing sense of body empowerment, Support Local: Curvy in Cleveland.

You can learn more about how to support Curvy in Cleveland by visiting their website:

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