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FFI's Top Horror Films

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

With Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to share with you our top horror films. So grab your spiced apple cider, blanket, and get ready for a scare!


From a young age horror was one of the genres that always fascinated me even though it would make me petrified to crawl into bed at night after watching one. It's so hard for me to pick a favorite because there were tons of classics that I grew up watching. Some of my favorites back then were any of the Michael Myer’s films (of course), Alien, and Flowers in the Attic. Now, I really am appreciating the new wave of horror that we’ve been seeing in the past decade. One of my new favorites has to be Ari Aster’s Hereditary. I watched it in theaters for the first time and I was absolutely terrified by the end. I really enjoy Aster’s way of making the viewer really uncomfortable. I felt this throughout the entire film. For me it was more of a psychological horror. The writing did not tip toe around the theme of death and dove straight into the horrors of the main character’s upbringing. By the end, I knew it was one of the best horror films I had watched in a very long time. I highly recommend this film if you’re into psychological horrors! It is bound to spook you! 

You can stream Hereditary on Amazon Prime!


My favorite horror movie is The Conjuring. This movie does so many things right, not just as a movie, but as actual chill inducing entertainment. It gives a great deal of weight on developing the characters, in particularly the Warrens. These characters help drive the story rather than relying on cheesy fear tactics to keep the audience interested in the plot. In the most accurate sense of the definition of horror, The Conjuring captures the true essence of fear, suspense, and terror, and it is rightfully so. It topples all other horror genre films because of the R rating purely for horror, without needing to throw gore, blood splatters, or graphic, violent death scenes. From the eerie jarring music to the Annabelle doll (because EVERYONE is freaked out by dolls), every minute you want to look away but also want to keep your eyes glued. I remember having watched it with friends, and all of us were hugging pillows and shouting at TV as if they characters could hear us (and we were 16 year olds). I showed it to my other friends recently, and could not help but laugh at their terrified reactions, hiding under blankets and swearing me out, demanding why I made them watch this (as 20 year olds). I was told I was never allowed to pick the movie for Halloween again.

You can watch The Conjuring with a premium subscription on Amazon Prime or on AMC this Tuesday!


My favorite two horror movies that I can’t choose between is The Conjuring and The Nun. I’ve probably seen The Conjuring about four or five times. I love how it’s based on a true story of two paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. It dives into their lives as well as their clients, the Perron’s, who are being haunted by a vengeful spirit who begins physically attacking the daughters and mother.

The reason why I like The Nun so much is that it comes full circle in the end and explains the start of the first Conjuring. It’s basically an “oh shit” moment.

You can watch The Nun with a Hulu premium subscription!


One of my favorite horror movies is Paranormal Activity.  Even though I was only around ten when I first watched this, it was like no other movie I had seen before.  Although Paranormal Activity wasn’t the first to use the found footage technique, it was the first one to me.  I enjoyed the creepy stationary angles for the possibility of getting a humorous scene or something truly terrifying. The best (and worst) parts for me was when you’re forced to stare into the darkness of the hallway while the characters are sleeping, not knowing if it’ll be just another night or if someone’s going to get dragged away.  Even in 2020, this film still manages to scare and creep me out but in the most intriguing way.

You can watch Paranormal Activity with a Showtime membership!


Halloween is my favorite holiday, every year I make sure to watch all of my favorite Halloween movies. As far a horror movies, I tend to stay away from any revolving around demons or ghosts (I just can't do it!) However, I absolutely LOVE slasher films. One of my favorites at the moment is Ready or Not. This is a recent slasher film, but I've watched it three times! Ready or Not is about a women marrying into a wealthy family but every time someone weds in the family they play a game, in this case the game is hide in seek. Grace, the protagonist must try to escape the same family she married into, from killing her. One reason I love Ready or Not is for the female protagonist. She is the definition of female empowerment and you are rooting for her the entire film! Other honorable mentions are Scream and My Bloody Valentine.

You can watch Ready or Not on HBO!


As a horror lover and a fan of the slasher subgenre, I'd have to say that Halloween is my favorite horror movie. John Carpenter's movie popularized slashers after Peeping Tom and Black Christmas (good horror movies I also recommend, but neither that I'd consider "slashers"). It even got a company to try and capitalize off its fame and make...guess what? Friday the 13th. Yeah, that's a big deal. Halloween is perfectly paced, choosing to build up to scares rather than be in your face about them the entire movie. I believe horror that keeps you on your toes and even scaring yourself is better than a marathon of jump scare after jump scare. It isn't overly gory like later slashers and it's to the benefit of the movie against others. It's more realistic, and that should scare people more than any supernatural monster. A real-life Michael Myers could be anywhere. Plus, I can't just ignore Laurie Strode. She, along with Alien's Ellen Ripley, are my top two female protagonists in any movie. Talk about strong and brave women! Michael Myers is my all-time favorite slasher icon and Halloween will always go down as one of my favorite movies in any genre.

Halloween is available to rent on Amazon Prime for $3.99

We hope some of these films make it to your Halloween watch list this year!

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